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tv   [untitled]    October 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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clashes and tear gas in greece thousands protest the visit of the german chancellor who they see as a harbinger of more financial gain. obama's republican challenger mitt romney called all syrian rebels to be turkey deploy its forces to its border with the war torn country. and to munition bloss a rogue a military testing ground in central russia spotting hysteria among locals.
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here watching r g live from moscow with me to ban would say clashes have broken out in greece and fired at protesters angry with the visit of angle a miracle there are reports police are making preventative arrests the german chancellor is seen as the paul behind the policy bringing hardship and topples dirty to the greek people archie sarah furthur is in athens. clashes breaking out between the riot police i'm protesting on syntagma square today this is going on as german chancellor merkel's in the country and she's come here to show solidarity she says but all it's really done is serve to highlight the huge decision to remain within the country itself between the people and the government between the different you're using state there is anger today on the streets of the five on the streets of athens. visiting the
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country and is this good of a recession that she hasn't been here since the euro crisis started it's been years in the agonist been building this entire song you've got to remember as well that the rhetoric from germany and the rhetoric from some of these big stronger eurozone states really changed dramatically at the beginning of all of this crisis very much put out on this side of the isolated situation where the measures seem to be more of the punishment that help the suffering of those details though its missiles have just pushed the country into a desperate spiral of a start to each security operation was going on where the riot police that are lining of course the parliament that's a huge issue but today they've also got snipers on the roof he's got the helicopter getting a head i mean the police presence is notably more than usual and that's really cause a lot of anger added to that that the protesters were told they weren't allowed to
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to demonstrate peacefully as we said and as you can see they come out anyway and up salute as we said before what's been going on at the fact that she's visiting a lot of katie's intake people asking why now why is this point chancellor merkel seeing first hand today the very real effects of those are starting measures that will be the close of this country from the fall. reports say turkey is reinforcing it's a big. close to the border with syria after almost a week of returning fire a turkish news agency says at least twenty five additional fighter jets have been deployed turkey and egypt also holding weeklong joint naval drills in the mediterranean far from syria's shores has warned it will not shy for more if provoked and nato which is so far to the conflict says it's ready to defend its member nation but some reports suggest shells landing in turkey may be from weapons that itself provided to syrian rebels this the violence is escalating across the
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country with bomb blasts and fighters in damascus the u.n. chief the ban ki moon has called on the syrian government to unilaterally cease fire but i buy a me as if you were editor of the pan-african news wire believe nature is maneuvering to intervene. turkey is a long time member of the north atlantic treaty organization since nine hundred fifty two and they're going to act in conjunction with other nato powers led by the united states their main objective is regime change against the assad government in syria they're using this border conflict between syria and turkey as a means of being more directly from a military standpoint within the un security council the us britain and france have not been able to get their way in regard to authorizing some type of quote no fly
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zone unquote would actually means a authorization to carry out massive bombings against syria so they can utilize alleged violations of turkish land and an effort to further militarize the border between the two countries so i believe it's a very dangerous situation and that the united nations seems to be crippled. any attempt to resolve this conflict because their efforts are being undermined by nato and the countries that are very much a part of the leadership of that military alliance the white house republican hopeful mitt romney has called for more aggressive foreign policy in the middle east which would include the syrian rebels but democrats have hit back saying romney stands legs vision and consistency. he can has the details. mitt romney accused president obama of quote sitting on the sidelines end of quote
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and not being aggressive enough on syria mr romney suggested actively arming the rebels with weapons that can bring down aircraft on the watch hands he said quote the greater tragedy of it all is that we're missing a story opportunity to win new friends who share our values in the mideast and world but mitt romney's other remarks suggested that maybe he doesn't really care about whose hands the weapons would end up in because the objective that he stated was to defeat assad seeing it as a stepping stone to iran iran is sending arms to assad because they know his downfall would be a strategic defeat for them we should be working no list vigorously through our international partners to support the many syrians who would deliver that defeat to iran rather than sitting on the sidelines so basically mitt romney suggested taking advantage of the crisis in syria to fulfill the goal of defeating iran's blatant
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but straightforward remark basically expressing the same opportunistic approach to foreign policy with the u.s. has had for many years while obama campaign called romney reckless and amateurish when it comes to foreign policy so far the administration has stopped short of directly arming the rebels although washington is coordinating the efforts of their allies in the region that is saudi arabia qatar turkey which are providing weapons to the rebels one way or another but those allies are saying that they only provide smaller weapons that they would love to send heavy artillery but they don't have the green light from washington for that because reportedly the administration fears that the weapons might end up in the hands of terrorists experts say one of the reasons why the rebels are not settling down for a negotiated solution through dialogue is the signal that they get that sense that support is on the way that there will be an intervention and everybody now understands without a negotiated solution bloodshed will continue. the international criminal court. started a two day public hearing to decide whether while mcguffin son should be tried in
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libya all the hague saif al islam gadhafi is accused of trying to violence the chua's law says uprising libya wants to prosecute him on home soil but saif al islam and says he would not agree the rough a trial them let's discuss this hopefully with political analyst on the sundin who is in london for us good to see you there why is there such a battle going on over wade to try him is it just because of the concerns over the fairness of the trial or is there more to it there's lots of conflicting power interests in this in this situation first of all you have his own tiny militia which is one of the four hundred militias across libya so in this four hundred militia so there is no central government of any kind be in security judicial governance at all and i think this is really admitted by even mainstream observers an analyst of this one time the militia of captured saif and they want to hold him as a bargaining chip in the post that are few regime which is libya now but then you have
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obviously the more western interests wanting to take outside off from libya and to try and at the i.c.c. at the hague why do they want to do that because saif al islam holds a lot of the know exactly secrets that there's a lot of information that he can give back it's going to going to horse and carriage through the whole nato and pro nato and libyan rebel narrative of so-called libyan revolution by a sizable information that was just totally demolished that but also then you have missed the account of the head of the i.c.c. who is a very strange figure who again mainstream figures are pointing the finger at him but he has more the interest of nato and the nato government in libya and he does his own staff members remember back in june melinda taylor who was the i.c.c. appointed defense for saif al islam was centers in town of herself and for other people who were held by byzantine militia and i. a former u.n. caustic you thought rwanda and yugoslavia so no no no big fan of the independence
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movement or sort of the global south at himself that this was a kidnapping but it in tiny militia i mean the ocampo has more interest i mean a company apologize on behalf of a colleague here nothing to apologize for which some of that i think that's a very bad precedent because it allows countries who are who have people who are going to be quiet but i could see to interact in this way but that's not the case because actually the new libyan regime is very close to nato aside from all that given a lot of that going where is saved. and then more likely to get it would it be libya l. would be the hague there isn't there isn't a fair trial. at the hague or in libya i mean the libyan so-called authorities there is no authority because like i said it's really what gadhafi said it will be if nato succeed which they have in destroying the state it's a total anarchy rule how can there be justice for cycle islam when there's no justice for the count was tens of thousands of black libyans and africans who have
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been lynched by the rebels and nato what about our daughter eunice the entities own military chief and bengazi who was kidnapped beheaded and burned and burned they haven't found any just their support for him and his family let alone people like the former intelligence chiefs the new seat who go the french cajoled into sending him back to libya or the former prime minister by the guardian or the former u.n. representative mr door done so really the people who should be put on trial of the actual world criminals that is nato and the government and all the different myriad of organizations including amnesty and human rights watch who have facilitated under the human rights cover this nato operation in libya so there is no justice that cycle islam will face. very briefly this last question i'm going to throw it to you if you could all say the very very thing libya's new prime minister was dismissed on sunday for saving to form
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a government what's next for the country's new political system. what next is unfortunately more for the libyan and the people of africa more true my libya is now a counter-revolutionary base where nato to conduct domination rage regime change and destabilization right across the middle east north african region under sorrow and grow and the greater african continent. will leave you dry they thank you very much political ads. in london giving us his thoughts on the subject right a massive explosion that has joined of smoke of cause panic among people in one central russian region. of tons of munitions ignited at a military facility and we call that story in a few minutes. this is r t you will be back after the short break.
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remains in this tree even for specialists how a voice can produce several sounds it warms to do the means the art of throat singing comes naturally picked up like a language. a language of communicating with nature it said that's where throat singing originates from the unions believe not only animals but also all surrounding objects like reverse forests and even stones souls by imitating the sounds they believe assumes to capture the power of nature. to get to one of the five main styles of groups and it imitates the gentle breezes of summer chara whose name means great hunter says he suspects adopt.
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there are special instruments that accompany the singing if danny says there is even a legend about his instrument a gill it says it wants to leave to poor shefford who had the best horse that won every competition but jealous people killed it on the horse was revived as an instrument book at the residence up to full is because of the spirit of the horse coming to his dream and said make an instrument from a tree the sounding board from the leather of my face the strings. and to remember me make an engraving of my head part of the instrument he did so we called the instrument again which means come back and this melody only instrument is called.
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you know with our ga live from moscow now a series of blasts have rocked a military facility in central russia where tons of munitions set for disposal exploded the noise and blooms of smoke sparked panic among locals has are to speed all of up with the details. officials in the region have said that there is no danger posed following this explosion took place at the munitions dump forty kilometers away from the city of of autumn book the statement saying that this explosion was due to conventional weapons exploding that there was no chemical or nuclear weapons involved in the in the blast and the whole of the local residents were at no risk whatsoever the military investigation has been started as also
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a trivial case being opened into potential mishandling of weapons and ace the information coming out of the defense ministry though is telling us that all of their personnel are on engine and all accounted for it does seem though that we are hearing that those no casualties no injuries amongst the civilian population however they have received quite a serious scare which is understandable when you think about the size and scale and sound of this explosion a huge booming blast ringing out gigantic plume of smoke and of course the shockwave that goes with these type of explosions all coming together to to leave them leave the local people out quite a bit little shaken now in the immediate aftermath of this explosion well we saw pretty much damage unveiling and for eyes online people posting on twitter and on other online sources that there had been military personnel injured and there's many military personnel remained unaccounted for the latest from the defense ministry is that's just simply not true that was hysteria following what was i
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mentioned a very loud explosion now when it comes to incidents like this this isn't the first of its kind in russia in fact over the last three years there's been twenty such incidents involving military munitions dumps of this nature and in fact this particular facility saw two incidents take place over the last few months which each resulted in two people being injured as i say there at the moment the news coming from the defense ministry is no. and it all military personnel all accounted for. he's a hero in his homeland but as a boogie man by western governments the election triumph or godchild vez in venezuela for remarkable for time means will continue to polarize opinion as president and as our lucy coffin of reports the way he uses the nation's oil wealth will ensure he will remain a foreigner in the sight of washington. six years that lets you know it's all but
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maybe at its worst the liberation of the workers is one party that one treats that doesn't. work it is doing it on. it's a victory that supporters say has implications far beyond this country's borders carries shadows is the father of south america all the presidents who are friends among each other latin america understand the understand the significance of chavis for the world that's rising up from its knees for the world of equality for the world without the jimmy of the empire without a jimmy if you wish and that's precisely what makes many western governments nervous venezuela could be an example for other countries i mean here you have a country that is saying that the polarization of wealth which we see not just in one country not just in two countries but globally is completely toxic and must be addressed and that there must be
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a redistribution of wealth this is antithetical to what's been known as the washington consensus so in that sense the president chavez and is as a threat a threat that doesn't just hurt washington's influence but its coffers under chavez venezuela has refused to act as a market for u.s. based private investment and no longer can u.s. oil firms rely on the country as a stable source of cheap crude venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves chavez has promised to ramp up production and slash this country's dependence on u.s. markets by doubling exports to asia according to the president and that is why he represents a threat to the west it's all about the. from the economic point of view we have the largest petroleum reserves in the world when the world runs out of oil and money involved countries which possess the majority of reserves were me i knew i was a russia iran saudi arabia iraq and iran where. its black gold could account
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for the vilification of chavez in the west after all just a year after he took office in one thousand nine hundred nine chavez toured the middle east to lobby key opec members to drive oil prices higher but he also provided subsidized oil to bella bruce nicaragua and syria countries whose relations with the west aren't exactly ideal for critics venezuela under chavez is a terrifying prospect. i think chavez has mostly criticized for his foreign policy first for breaking relations with traditional trade partners of venezuela such as colombia and the us and second for political alliances with countries which are considered as non-democratic and even belligerent in their foreign policy such as cuba and even more so iran. chavez says his world view is just one that the west is going to have to get used to i wonder said this it was said that an american model . the world that i wanted to remember that idea of history by an american for the
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rest of what i had given israel as it was against new burleson twenty years ahead of europe. which is now in venezuela didn't know what the i.m.f. not a world power yet a. part of the power of the next six years play out one thing's for certain for now that's all this of a new world order it's here to stay is a powerful are to us. but. right now clamping down on spats whether yes we do similar ones find a new way to find out if you're a man or machine. a website by asking questions i'm feeling why also. famous visitor for julian assigned at the ecuadorian embassy as pop superstar lady gaga joins him put it up where they caught up in a bad romance kind of all about the part of our retail at our website.
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now some news making headlines around the globe around a thousand new pairs or workers have scuffled with police in paris during a protest against the company's planned cutbacks police are fired tear gas during the demonstration outside the paris auto salon a french com maker is closing the factory outside the capital within two yes for the loss of eight thousand jobs that's been severely hit by allington months in iraq. and i say as a nation attempt to has been made against a fourteen year old girl whose blog made l one up called his duns most famous activist malala yousafzai you survived the attack by a taliban gunmen and old lotions sustained injuries they're not believed to be critical a blog describes the atrocities that taliban then has received international
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acclaim she's also promoted education for girls something the taliban is strongly opposed to. egypt's of president mohamed morsi has pardoned all those arrested during the uprising last year that toppled hosni mubarak over a thousand people were prosecuted for supporting the revolution which allowed morsi to take all of this the amnesty covers all those convicted and all those are still under investigation all on trial. iraq is said to by more than four billion. worth of weapons from russia moscow sets the deal with signed over the paul several months it comes as the rocky prime minister of visits moscow foretold with his counter bud to meet him it be a death there's been no official statement on what exactly baghdad is by name but
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it has been reported it once fine to jets helicopters and missile defense systems rochelle lost a number of new creative oil contracts in iraq off to the u.s. led invasion of the country and some experts now suggest it's making up for it to with the op sail. ride business desk or wall have some news about oil deals to shall break. mission. critical free storage. management free. free. free. free books videos for your media project free media john darche dot com.
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twenty seven minutes past the hour you're watching business on archie let's start in the energy sector there's a new twist in the ongoing saga between b.p. and this russian partners known as a r the russian side is now considering selling its half of the company either to a strategic investor or on the open market and this would happen only if b.p. sells its r two draws nifty something about the russian shareholders would be unhappy about at the same time a are is still willing to buy out b.p.'s stake in the russian joint venture analysts say most likely t. and p. would end up in the hands of rosneft turning russia's to come. into the world's biggest oil for. the p. is quite likely to change to exchange with some. for sure and all snuffed. with some cash. as changing hands in the process as well were as
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a i will probably sell out of to completely all in or so i think. we'll just transform itself into a much larger company with with an important international shareholder which has the most advanced technologies and more importantly has the experience of applying some technology within russia the experience of transforming a management team. to into perhaps the best management team in the world. and now on to the macro picture the international monetary fund is losing faith in the global economy it lowered its forecast for global growth in two thousand and thirteen to three point six percent that's from the previous three point nine percent the u.k. was downgraded the most the i.m.f. now expects it to crank by point four percent this year the figures for russia didn't change that much it now stands at three point seven percent this year and
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three point eight percent next year and of course we're now seeing a market reaction on the equity markets on wall street we're seeing pretty much that everything crossed the border setting value the nasdaq is losing just about one of one of her son's european markets reacted pretty much the same by selling it was another downgrade on tuesday moody's lashed cyprus by three notches to negative last month moscow promised to help the island which is now seeking up to twenty billion euro and eight and here in russia equities closed mixed with the r.t.s. managing to me however somewhat some of monday's losses in. they're all cynical moved on the mice it's on the news that the poor little bit against the company's share buybacks and all the current seamark as the euro is shedding value to the u.s. dollar and the russian ruble closed higher to the currency basket.


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